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Why lose your customers to paperwork when you can get them verified easily with our eKYC software in an instant.

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Secure eKYC Solution

eKYC is an electronic verification process that is authentic and secure. As it:
  • Ensures a non-repudiable process wherein an activity, once undertaken cannot be denied;
  • Authenticates the process by means of Customer Aadhar and OTP number as well as Service Provider's digital signature;
  • Eliminates the need to share sensitive information with different individuals and secludes it only to the group/individuals concerned;
  • Prevents identity theft and money laundering activities.
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Saves Time & Cost

eKYC helps you significantly cuts down on time, paper work and customer acquisition cost as it:
  • Allows for data transmission on a real-time basis by reducing manual implementation time and increasing turnaround time;
  • Reduces customer onboarding time from 2 days to 10 minutes;
  • Eliminates huge operating costs that come with paper printing, designing and marketing;
  • Electronic verification simplifies the task for customers due to its self-explanatory nature.
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Increases Conversion Rate

Our eKYC software helps increase your conversion rate, up to 4 times by offering:
  • Instant solutions;
  • Reduced manpower;
  • Real-time work;
  • Self-explanatory online process.
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All-inclusive Package

Compliance rules are constantly changing. We offer managing all compliances and updates, that is:
  • SEBI compliant;
  • Free of cost;
  • All in one place;
  • Undertaken on a real-time basis.
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Seamless Integration

We offer multi-KRA support (CAMS KRA, CVL KRA, NSE KRA, Karvy KRA and NSDL KRA) which makes fetching data instantaneous. Additionally, we also cater to:
  • Aadhar based eKYC & KRA registration;
  • Integrated E-sign facility (Aadhar Based);
  • Real-time backend integration(Analytics and Tracking);
  • Back office integration;
  • Real-time onboarding status;
  • In Person Verification (IPV).
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Why should you opt our eKYC Software

Key Features

User Friendly Dashboard

Self-explanatory dashboard that helps users navigate easily.

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Choice TechLab timesheet - details
Timepot timesheet - details

Multiple User Support

Liberty to add multiple members as well as grant and restrict access to users.

Choice TechLab reports
Choice TechLab reports - details
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Valuable Insights

Get valuable insights on user data and update it on a real-time basis.

Choice TechLab reports
Choice TechLab reports - details
Timepot reports - details
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What We Offer?

White label app

White Label App (Android & iOS)

White label backend

White Label Backend

free of cost upgrade

Free of cost Upgrades

Back office integration

Back Office Integration (chargeable)

Our users say about us:

“ I’m extremely satisfied with the product as it has significantly helped reduce the customer acquisition cost for our mutual fund platform Investica. In addition, the support provided throughout is commendable.”

Ronak Agarwal
AVP Marketing, Investica

“ eKYC helped cut down measurably on the entire procedural cost while making the entire process simple and quick. It has also contributed to the growth of the business by considerably increasing the conversion rate.”

Amit Singh
Vice President - Institutional Equities, Choice Broking

Our Clients:

Choice Broking

Choice Broking